Important Tips on Cracking Section 4 of IELTS Listening:

The information is in the short notes form but you will hear more detailed explanation in the audio. So, be careful to identify the relevant information from the audio as per the keywords in the question and the expected answer in the blank.
Speaker in the audio would also be talking continuously in the order of the question. So, you should concentrate a lot to avoid skipping the audio. Do not look at your previous attempts to check if you have solved the question correctly or if you have skipped any question before.

Pay close attention to the words that are closer to the blanks, especially prepositions such as to, for, into, of etc. because your answer in the audio would be exactly around them, in most of the cases.

Welcome to your IELTS READING 4

what is the name if Nigeria President?

what is the name of Nigeria first president?

The name of Nigeria first military president is %BLANK%